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Retirement Contribution Protection

Most group long term disability coverage does not account for the impact of a protracted illness on a disabled physician's retirement plan. A disabled professional physician with a prolonged infirmity would only be entitled to a monthly long-term disability benefit until the age of 65. At that time the professional would only have access to a greatly diminished retirement account due to the lack annual.

In recent years several nationally recognized carriers have introduced individual contracts that will specifically address this coverage needs. Professionals now have the opportunity to insure as much as 100% of their current contributions in the event of a total disability. This benefit will be provided in addition to any existing group or individual disability coverage and can prove be a valuable source of disability coverage for highly compensated physicians and executives that current have the reached the industry's maximum benefit levels.

Healthcare organizations can elect to offer this coverage on a voluntary basis or provide this coverage to specific population segments. Employer sponsored or provided coverage will entitle participants to a permanent rate discount and medical underwriting may be waived when provided by an employer to populations greater than 20 lives.

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