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Overhead Coverage

Business Overhead Expense (BOE) insurance is a disability policy that reimburses a practice for specific overhead expenses if a shareholder is disabled.

This policy helps the practice remain open by reimbursing it to cover such expenses as accounting, advertising, utilities, employee benefits (on eligible employees only), equipment loans, insurance premiums, and mortgage or rent payments.

BOE may not directly benefit the disabled person, but it will help to prevent him/her from having to use personal funds to keep the practice open when revenues decline due to absent member.


Use our calculator to estimate the potential overhead benefits that your shareholders would be eligible to receive in the event of a disability.

STEP ONE:  (Note: Calculator computes automatically.)
List the total current average monthly expenses of the business:
Rent: $
Mortgage Interest Payment: $
Utilities (gas, light, water): $
Taxes on Real Estate: $
Accountant/Legal Fees: $
Malpractice, Liability and Property Insurance: $
Dues for Professional Societies: $
Business Subscriptions: $
Interest on Business Loans: $
Telephone: $
Employees Salaries (not including principals): $
Cost of Leasing Equipment: $
Depreciation: $
Maintenance Service: $
Other: $
Total Expenses: $

Enter the total number of partners/principals/shareholders in the business:

The total estimated overhead expenses covered would be approximately
$ per shareholder