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physician practices


InsMed provides comprehensive insurance services to physician and dental practices of all sizes. Our industry experience and focus has enabled groups ranging in size from four physicians to eleven hundred to identify product solutions that best address their needs under the most economical terms.

The products and services that we offer practices include group insurance products that can be installed as part of a core benefit plan or individual policies that can be offered or provided by the employer with rate and underwriting concessions (offers vary on size and demographics).

Group Insurance Products

InsMed’s sales and service team are able to work with practice managers and their business team to identify group products that can offer comprehensive protection. As an independent insurance group we maintain relationships with the majority of companies in the country and we continually focus to identifying those products and contracts that exemplify best practices.

These policies can be provided by an organization or be introduced as a voluntary benefit that allows employed professionals and staff to better protect themselves and their families. Current product offerings include:

  • Group Short Term Disability
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Group Dental Coverage
  • Statutory Disability Programs

Individual Products

Individual insurance contracts can be used to add a level of protection not offered through a group product or can address an individual’s need for coverage. The majority of the contracts that can be offered will include rate discounts if a minimum number of employed healthcare or professionals choose to participate and the offering need not require payroll deductions.

These contracts will normally require that the applicant satisfy medical underwriting questions. However, “guaranteed issue” or guaranteed to issue program may be available (offers based on number of eligible lives and specialty). Current product offerings include:

  • Buy Sell Agreement Funding
  • Business Overhead Expense Protection
  • Income Protection Retirement Plan Contribution Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance


Discounted Rate Income and Overhead Protection Opportunities

Physicians may be able to apply for coverage through a an association discount established through a  local hospital association or independent physicians association., These discounted rate programs entitle individual physicians to access coverage even if they are not employed at a healthcare institutions.


To evaluate if you are entitled to apply for coverage at a discounted rate or to request information about any of these programs please fill out contact form on this page.

Changes in Group Long Term Disability coverage marketplace improve the ability to access coverage for physician specialties and sub specialties and larger amount of income protection.
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