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House Staff Officers

If you are a house staff officer enrolled in a program administered by InsMed please visit the plan support section for information specific to your program.


InsMed is dedicated to working with house staff officer populations to identify insurance strategies and solutions that takes into consideration their limited discretionary income and the need to protect current and future income. Unlike many healthcare professionals, a house staff officer knows that their relationship with their teaching hospital is likely to be limited and there is a strong need for permanent and potable insurance coverage that can address their future needs.

The focus of work with house staff populations involved in the identification, implantation and ongoing administration of disability and life insurance program that can offer house officers the ability to maintain coverage upon the completion of their program with preferred rates and the elimination of medical underwriting requirements.

Disability and life insurance coverage can also be provided to individual house staff officers looking to supplement their benefits during their training or to supplement the coverage their may receive.

“Bundled” Group LTD Conversion Plans

Teaching hospitals can provide their house staff officers with a special group LTD contract that is designed to insure medical student loan obligations and allow graduating house staff officers to obtain permanent and portable “own specialty” coverage without any medical underwriting requirements.

The coverage offered during house staff training can mirror the amount of coverage that has been provided by the disability benefits provided to all other employees and the definitions of coverage can be enhanced to offer own specialty/doctor of medicine protection.

“Unbundled” Portable Disability Insurance Programs

It is possible to establish a program that allows a teaching hospital to offer its graduates with portable coverage without making any changes to its underlying group Long Term Disability benefits. These programs will offer high levels of income protection and will be available in the months preceding graduation.

Coverage limits will vary based on the size of the house staff population and the state where the program is located. Coverage can include permanently discounted, gender neutral rates and may include cost of living adjustments and future increase opportunities.
House Staff Officers can be guaranteed a high quality level of protection during their house staff program through a group LTD conversion plan. In addition, the plan can guarantee the right to obtain coverage after the program with no medical underwriting.

Supplemental Portable Disability Plans

Supplemental portable disability plans allow house staff officers to increase the level of coverage during their training in excess of 100% income replacement. The terms of this policy can be designed to include a provision that guarantees the right to increase the monthly benefit amount in the future without regard to any changes in health status.

Rates for this coverage are typically not discounted unless a number of house staff officers from the same institution apply for the coverage from the same carrier or if the program is located in a state where an association endorsed discount rate is in place.

To speak with a representative about obtaining personalize proposal, to have help reviewing your current employer’s coverage or to request to receive our house staff bulletin, please call us at 800-214-7039, or complete our proposal request form to receive a quote.

Portable Term Life Insurance Coverage

Traditionally, any employer looking to maintain their group life benefits after employment must convert this policy into a “cash value” policy. In most instances the amount of premium that the graduating house staff officer would have to pay would be substantial and may not be economically viable.

InsMed has worked with a number of teaching hospitals in the introduction of a group term life program that allows graduating house staff officers to maintain coverage as term insurance and avoid the dramatic premium increases consumers normally have to pay. This type of insurance program allows house staff officers with significant health issues to maintain coverage and focus on the other expenses they will need to address.

2018 Enrollment Information
Guarantee Issue coverage is now available to graduating house staff officers in eligible programs. Click here
Recent changes in Group Long Term Disability coverage provides coverage for physician specialties and sub specialties
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