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C-Suite executives and senior management often find that the level of income protection provided by an employer’s disability insurance package does not match the level of income replacement that the balance of the population receives. This diminished level of income protection can also prove to be problematic if an executive’s employment contract stipulates a level of income replacement that the organization’s benefit package doesn’t protect.

In recognition of this benefit need InsMed has worked with a number of state hospital associations to establish the opportunity for impacted executives to obtain supplemental individual coverage with permanently discounted rates. These contracts can provide individual and portable policies that can enhance the employer’s basic benefit package.

Specific Opportunities through these programs include the ability to:

  • Raise income replacement to as much as 80% of income
  • Raise the total amount of coverage to $30,000/month
  • Maintain coverage if you cage positions
  • Include cost of living protection
  • Guarantee the right to increase the coverage in the future without regard to changes in health

Access to Coverage without Medical Underwriting

It is possible for an institution to obtain a “guaranteed issue” offer that will allow it to provide an amount of coverage without regard to an individual’s current or pre-existing health conditions. The amount of coverage made available through this offer will vary based on the size of the population and the state where the professionals are employed. The ability to offer coverage on a guaranteed basis can greatly enhance the level of coverage provided by an institution and avoid the negative impact of having applications denied due to medical conditions.

For more information as to the amount of coverage that would be available and to see if you are employed in a state where these discounts currently exist please complete the Contact Form on this page.

Most executives income levels are not fully protected by Group Long Term Disability coverage.
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